Things About China: A Beginners Guide

Things About China: A Beginners Guide

This is likely obvious, but in China, they eat a lot of rice. When I was teaching as an ESL teacher, I started to crave rice because my body was so used to consuming it. I mean they eat it with every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rice is a very balanced carbohydrate that balances your energy through out the day, so it’s actually a very healthy diet they have.

In China, they have a lot of pollution. Some areas of China are beautiful, so don’t be afraid of the smog, but in some areas, the smog is so thick and overwhelming it’s almost a monster. You will see people wearing face masks to protect themselves. Popular cities like Beijing are honestly bad for your health. I’ve heard several foreigners report nose bleeds and headaches. I myself instantly felt like my skin was burning as soon as I stepped off the plane.

They don’t have religious freedom or freedom of the press. If you are a Christian, China is probably not the place for you. Currently, the Bible is considered contraband. Bible pushers aren’t easily missed, but nobody respecting your right to PRAY might get to you eventually. You also don’t have the freedom to GOOGLE. In fact, China has no Google because Google has freedom of speech. Basically, Google reported bad press on China so China banned it.

Which brings me to my next point, you will need to download a private VPN if you wish to use things like Twitter, Facebook and Google. China bans sites that seem harmless. Freedom of the press is absolutely denied and so is your internet searches unless you find a way around it, which is easy for the technological adept generation to do, but still annoying.

P.S. If you don’t know what a VPN is google it.

China is full of adulteresses. They have their marriage system backward. Most people have their fun in their youth and then settle down. China settles down early and cheats later. China is a fan of wearing a mask and concealing the truth to save face. It’s just their way. It’s not that China is dishonest, it is that they will lie to protect their precious reputation, which all of us are guilty of no matter our culture. In China, it is just more common place.

Chinese women are gorgeous. Most women dress like women, which means they wear dresses and skirts. They also value pale skin. They are thin and it is rare you will see a fat woman. On the other hand, a lot of Chinese men are kind of nerdy. It’s not to say Chinese men aren’t good looking. It’s just they lack the manliness some women might expect. This might change as people and cultures change, but as of now, the men are kinda nerdy looking and not as attractive as their female counterparts.

China takes two-hour lunch breaks. This is great. In the US we take 30min lunch breaks, which honestly inst enough time. China respects the family above all else, so they make time for you to go home and have lunch. Let’s be real, 30mins isn’t enough time to grab a burger, let alone to have lunch with your kids.

The school food in China is better. American lunches suck. In China, the kids eat real food, even fish, and shrimp.

Mandarin is one of the worlds hardest languages. Can you say, Ni Hao

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