The Lonely Millennials

The Lonely Millennials

In the 21st century we have reached the greatest heights of civilization. Knowledge is power and it is being passed around the globe at rapid speed. We can fly all the way around the world in a day. We can message some one in an instant, which is why we call it INSTANT MESSAGING. Not only has technology rapidly evolved, giving us access to knowledge at our fingertips, but we can access other people like never before.  We can leave friends and family a message, call them on the phone, email them, and reach out to others with a billion free appsMyth Buster: The Lonely Millennials Are Cool?

With that being said, “Why do people think loneliness is cool, okay, healthy or just the way modern society is nowadays.”  It is becoming more and more common for people to claim they only have 1 or 2 friends. People are starting to glamorize these statistics, by saying stuff like, “It’s lonely at the top,” or “I would rather be alone than in the wrong crowd”, but with more people on earth than ever in history,  it literally makes no sense not to have friends, which makes me wonder if Millennials are going through an antisocial crisis, were they simply do not know how to interact with other individuals and maintain healthy relationships with others.

In 2010 the Mental Health Foundation found loneliness to be a greater concern among young people than the elderly. The 18 to 34-year-olds surveyed were more likely to feel lonely often, to worry about feeling alone and to feel depressed because of loneliness than the over-55s. The reason this research is significant is because we have long known that loneliness can cause mental health issues for the elderly.

Often the elderly have little social interaction with the world because they are not working. or even grocery shopping for themselves. Many of their friends may have already died of natural causes, and relatives live at a distance. It makes sense for the elderly to be lonely because they are not getting out as much, and as a general rule, the older you are the harder it is to make friends.

However, it makes no sense for the youth to report feeling lonelier than are aging population and this shows their is something fundamentally wrong with the millennials coming up. Have they simply never learned how to interact face to face with another human being due to an abuse of technology. Let’s dispel the myth that some famous entrepreneurial type might have drilled in you head; loneliness does not lead to success. Loneliness is not cool and it is not going to make you more productive to not have friends.

The lonely millennial is uncool and needs to get off facebook or twitter right now and go mingle with people face to face. Friends make your life easier. That’s why people are always talking about the importance of networking. Not to mention not having friends leads to anxiety in depression. The best thing you can do for yourself is go make some friends. I know it’s common for people to say if you have 1 or 2 friends you are lucky, buy i think that is BS. There are over 7 billion people on the planet and the number is growing. If you don’t have a friend for at least everyday of the week, it might be time to make some….seriously

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