Movies That Rock


At first i didn’t want to go to the movies. I wasn’t excited about seeing Beauty and the Beast at all. I didn’t want to spend 10.50 on a movie ticket when I had Netflix at home. I just wasn’t that excited about the movie to be honest. Luckily, I had a gay fag hag acquaintance who was obsessed with the movie and dragged me out of the house to go see it with him.

Beauty in the Beast was Amazing. It was worth every penny and i would happily go see it again because the movie is simply magical.

Disney only makes good movies, but Disney was a little political with Beauty and the Beast and got GAY. There were gay sexual innuendos all over that movie. We can even say Lefou is a gay Disney Charterer, who has the hots for Gaston. There relationship is certainly more steamy than Gaston’s and Bell’s

Anyways what was really cool about Beauty and the Beast other than the stunning visual effects, is it was uncannily similar to the original cartoon just with a few modern twist. Because the movie was brought to life using real people instead of cartoons is added so many layers of emotion you don’t get with pure animation. Though i knew the plot, i honestly felt suspense, sadness, and worry for the characters. I smiled watching this movie.

Emma Watson was a big bonus on screen. They really nailed the casting for this movie. Everyone was perfect for the roles they played, but what i liked about Emma Watson playing Bell, is when she first appeared on screen she had such a confidence and grace to her. It wasn’t that she was 100% embodying Bell as an actress, it’s that she was like HELLO WORLD, I’M EMMA WATSON PLAYING BELL BITCH! She showed up on screen and owned her acting career for all times and empowered a new generation of girls.

After all Bell is the first Disney sorta Princess who is more interested in Books than boys.